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Local Attractions. Explore the surrounding townships.        
Historic cannons with a grassy field and old house in the background. Click to get direction to the West Lincoln Historical Society. Historical Attractions
The nearby village of WaterGate has a lovely War of 1812 museum with a reconstructed fort With natural landscape that is just as beautiful.
Actors in full 18th century outfits man the reconstructed fort, showing the traditional ways of life at the time, however the biggest event is the recreated Battle of North Point, where guns and cannons are fired off. View the directions to the left. Visit their website, to plan your trip to Canada’s past.
A women performing on stage.   Click here to get direction to the Great Big Theatre Company.   Local Theatre and Entertainment
The Glasdale town theatre puts on many high production plays and musicals throughout the year. Built by a combined effort of the town in the 1900’s, it stands as a community centre for the town. View the directions to the left. You can book tickets to see productions at the Glasdale on their website
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