Giovanni Mattucci. Web and Art Solutions. Classically trained artist moving into the digital realm. You can also call me John.

About Me.

Hello, my name is
Giovanni Mattucci.
I am a Web Designer with a passion for design, food, and ever constant learning.

Designing unique websites is my passion.

I am experienced in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and InDesign.

I also dabble in video and audio editing with Final Cut Pro, Premiere, AfterEffects and Soundbooth

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Promotional contest website for Raybestos Breaks through Uni-Select auto parts providers. Website animated with jQuery with a special offer emailed to the user.
Also developed a mobile friendly experience..

HTML5/CSS, jQuery, Form Validation .

Launch Musical launch of the Freeloader Project, a musical collaboration of various artists doing covers of Rolly Piroutz, "The" Freeloader himself. Recently launched with his first two songs, a blog, and more. A dynamically coded website in wordpress that was designed for easy user management.

Wordpress, jQuery, PHP, HTML5/CSS.
Iron Springs Brewery Website.

Launch Iron Springs Brewery Site A Brewery with the elegance of a winery. Iron Springs Brewery brings you specialty beer and gourmet food all with the backdrop of a beautiful property. Explore the great beer and food. Created after developing a extensive marketing plan, and logo design. Coded with CSS and Flash.

HTML/CSS, Actionscript, Flash.
Iron Man Designs Website.

Have the "Iron Man" create your wrought iron products. From patio sets, to cranes. I helped Iron Man Designs kick start their new business with a slick new logo, HTML5 website, and blog!

HTML5, CSS, PHP, Wordpress.
Matheson Printing Website.

Launch Matheson Printing's Site Do you need your next print job taken care of fast? Undertook a complete redesign of the Matheson Printing website. Users can upload their files to be printed for a quick turn around.

HTML5, CSS, PHP, Wordpress.
 Website showcasing the new iPod nano.

Launch showcase site of the new iPod Nano-Chromatic Class project from Sheridan Web Design featuring the new nano-chromatic. Objective was to stay on brand with a set body copy. Video edited to keep concise with body copy. Voice over by me. Coded in Flash. Find out the cool new features that the iPod nano has to offer.

Actionscript, Flash.
Everything Zombie, learn how to survive zombie attacks.

Launch the Everything Zombie Blog site Everything Zombie Blog. Reviews for movies, books, comics, and video games. Read the Zombie survival guide to learn how to best defend against the onslaught of the undead. This website is a personal initiative.

HTML/CSS, Wordpress, XML, Flash.
Zombie Quiz

Launch the Zombie Survival QuizWould you survive a zombie apocalypse? Take this quiz and find out how you would fare against the ranks of the undead. Three endings depending on your score.
Produced illustrations, and coded entirely in Flash.

Actionscript, Flash.
Flash Music Video

Launch Robot Revenge: Music Video Flash project Robot Revenge: Music Video Flash project. First animation produced in Flash. Objective was to keep the file size under 1MB and run no longer than 45 seconds. Edited a six minute song down to less than one minute. Illustrated and animated project.

EcoHome, a house you can learn from to be eco friendly.

Launch the EcoHome site, the environmentally friendly home EcoHome, the environmentally friendly home. Learn about how you too can make your home environmentally friendly and reduce your impact on the environment.
Designed and built by myself.

Solce Condominiums

Launch Solace Condominiums SiteSolace Condominiums. Mock website and logo created to hold a banner created in AfterEffects. The creation of this banner was my first introduction to AfterEffects.

AfterEffects, HTML/CSS.
Art. Guy Rock Sliding with guitar

Photograph taken for an end of the year mural print. Idea behind the photo was to look the superficiality of being a rock star.

Photograph 5 x 4 ft.
(click picture to see enlarged version)
Drawing of Hilter Ronald McDonald

"The Golden Arches."

Ink Wash & Watercolour on Paper 30 x 22 in.
(click picture to see enlarged version)
Portrait Series.

Series of small portraits each done in under 20 minutes, using water colour and pencil. 25 were done in total. Click on the image to see a selection of them.

Pencil & Watercolour on Paper 3 x 3 in.
(click picture to see enlarged version)
Portrait of a man Pencil on Paper 19.5 x 25.5 in
(click picture to see enlarged version)
Pencil and watercolour drawing of a Woman Kniting Pencil & Watercolour on Paper 3 x 4 ft.
(click picture to see enlarged version)
Ink pen drawing of Woman In Chair Ink on Paper 4.5 x 3.5 ft.
(click picture to see enlarged version)
Pencil drawing of Man StandingPencil on Paper 3.75 x 4 ft.
(click picture to see enlarged version)
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